We offer beauty services ranging from lash lifting treatments, brow laminations, eyebrow waxing and tinting, as well as head-to-toe waxing. At Red Leaf Beauty Bar, we are dedicated to helping women feel confident through smooth, waxed skin and a pair of stunning brows and lashes! Exclusively using the highest quality hard wax, we pride ourselves in delivering the most comfortable waxing experience ever. By using medical-grade sterilization methods and the highest standards of hygiene, you can feel confident that your experience at Red Leaf Beauty Bar will be like no other.

Waxing Services

Bikini Line | $30

The Bikini line includes just outside the panty line and an inch off the top. We highly recommend a bikini line wax for younger tweens or teens who may be in dance, gymnastics, dance, cheer, etc to tidy up any visible hairs. This service is a great way to introduce waxing and to help reduce shaving-related razor bumps and irritation from daily shaving.

Full Bikini | $50

Bikini Full is everything off in the front. It is similar to a Brazilian wax, the only difference is that it does not include the back (the butt strip or between the cheeks). Optionally you can leave a patch of hair behind in the shape of a triangle or landing strip.

Brazilian | $55

This service removes everything from the front to the back. The back refers to the butt strip, or in between the buttock cheeks. If desired, you may choose to leave a patch of hair behind in the shape of a triangle or a landing strip.

Full Butt | $30
Full butt wax includes both butt cheeks and butt strip, aka "between the cheeks". Perfect compliment to a Brazilian wax!


Inner Thighs | $15
Inner thigh wax is an add-on-only service to any Bikini or Brazilian waxing service. Makes for smooth transition to the upper thighs and legs!


Stomach Strip | $10
Stomach strip, aka the "happy trail", is an add-on-only service for bikini and Brazilian waxes.


Eyebrows | $20
This service includes a full consultation to discuss your desired brow shape and fullness to ensure we achieve your desired brow look. We will measure, trim, tweeze, and fill in (optional) the brows.


Cheeks | $14
Please note that cheek wax does not include the sideburns.


Nose | $12
You will be pleasantly surprised that this is actually a painless and easy experience! Nose waxing includes any hair that sticks out from the inside of the nostrils, as well as any hair on the outside (optional).


Lips | $12
Upper lip wax includes the top of the lip, sides, and around the nose.


Side Burns | $14
A total game-changer (trust us). It can elevate your hairstyle. Before we wax, we discuss the amount of hair the client wants to remove. It is followed up with a soothing skin product.


Hairline/ Forehead | $12
Hairline wax is the forehead area and gets close to the hairline. This is a perfect add-on to an eyebrow wax to ensure a smooth transition to the top of the brows or hairline.


Chin | $12
Chin wax always includes the lower lip to ensure a smooth transition to the chin.


Full Face | $50
The perfect service to elevate your makeup application and better skin product absorption by freeing the face of "peach fuzz". Includes a brow maintenance service! The services include the forehead, eyebrows, lip, lower lip, chin, cheeks, sideburns, jawline, and outer/inside of the nose.

Ears | $14
Ear waxing includes everything on the outside of the ears and what sticks out from the inside near the tragus. This is an amazing service for men!

Underarms | $20
This service is for both underarms. It is a perfect first-time service if you have never tried body waxing but would like to dive in!


Full Arms | $45
Includes both arms as well as the top of hands and knuckles.


Half Arms | $35
Choose between upper or lower arms. The tops of hands and knuckles are included for lower arm waxing.

Hands | $20
This service is for both hands. Includes the entire hand as well as the knuckles and fingers.


Chest | $50
This service includes just under the breasts, all the way up to the clavicle bone. Around the nipples as well. This is service is great for males or females.

Stomach | $35
This service includes the whole front of the torso below the chest.


Shoulders | $15
Shoulder wax is a great addition to either a full arm or upper arm wax. This service is always included in upper back waxing to ensure a smooth transition to the shoulders.


Full Back | $80
This service includes the entire area of the back as well as the shoulders in order to ensure a smooth transition.


Upper Leg | $40
Upper leg wax includes the knees all the way up to below the inner thigh.


Lower Leg | $40
Includes both legs. This service includes the knees and below. The lower leg service will also include the top of the foot as well as toes.


Full Legs | $80
Includes both legs. Full legs start 3-4 finger-widths from the hip bone and go all the way down to the toes.

Lash & Brow Services

Lash Lift + Tint Combo | $90

Pair the two services together and save money! A tint seals the deal on your lash lift treatment - especially if you have light-colored lashes. The dark tint makes them pop! Say goodbye to mascara!

Brow Wax + Tint Combo | $35

The dream duo is a popular favorite for a reason. Saves money and elevates the brow waxing by giving the brows a filled-in look without the need for a brow pencil. Perfect for those wanting to address sparseness in the brows as well. This custom semi-permanent dye lasts 2-4 weeks and requires no maintenance on your part.

Brow Lamination | $80

Brow lamination is a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time. Instead of curls, a setting lotion helps brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upward for about six weeks. Includes a brow wax and a tint.

Lash Lift Treatment | $80

Less invasive and maintenance than lash extensions -- a lash lift is a service that lifts and curls lashes from the root. A lash lift helps you wake up feeling put together with no work on your part! Results last about 6-8 weeks (longer than lash extensions) and unlike lash extensions, they don't require regular fill-ins. This is a 60-minute service. Pair it with the lash tinting service for the complete mascara look.

Lash Tinting Only | $30

A stand-alone service or an addition to a lash lift service. A lash tint is perfect for someone who doesn't need the lifted lash effect or wants extensions, or for someone who may have very light-colored lashes and wants to darken them to make them pop. Totally eliminates the need for mascara to achieve darkness!

Eyebrow Tinting (No Wax) | $25

Brows are precisely filled in with a temporary custom dye that lasts 2-4 weeks. Results are natural-looking, fuss-free brows that awake and freshen up the face.

Lash + Brow Tint Combo | $40

This service only tints the lashes and the brows. Does not include a lash lift or a brow wax. Lasts 2-4 weeks.

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Meet Karen

Karen was born and raised in Long Island, New York, and now resides in the sunny state of Jacksonville, Florida. She has been a licensed esthetician for four years now, starting her career in a little waxing studio as a full body wax specialist. Gathering all the knowledge and experience from working there and at a nationwide waxing franchise, as well as a freelance beauty therapist, Karen has taken everything she has learned along the way and applied it to her business at Red Leaf Beauty Bar. She strives to provide a comfortable and hygienic wax experience as well as aiming to form trusting bonds with her clients. Come visit Karen for lash, brow, and wax treatments and feel the difference!

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